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Chapter 7
The most common type of consumer bankruptcy is Chapter 7. A Debtor who files this type of bankruptcy is allowed to keep a certain amount of property in exchange for receiving an Order of Discharge of his debts. The Debtor must list all of his assets and debts in his Petition for bankruptcy. The process takes approximately 90 days and an appearance at what is called a Meeting of Creditors takes place about 30-45 days after filing. There are certain requirements to qualify for Chapter 7, and an attorney should be consulted before filing.
Will I keep my belongings? Most people are concerned that they will lose their property if they file a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. However, many clients get to keep their belongings, including their cars, houses, retirement plans and other assets.
How do I qualify? You can file Chapter 7 bankruptcy if you meet certain income guidelines. Our qualified St. Joseph bankruptcy attorneys offer free consultations. We can discuss your unique financial situation in more detail and make a determination regarding which chapter of bankruptcy is right for you.
How much will it cost to hire you? Our attorney's fees are very competitive in the St. Joseph area including all of Northwest Missouri and Northeast Kansas. 
How do I get started? Do not let fears of the process or embarrassment about your financial situation keep you from getting the relief you deserve. We are here to help you get a fresh start. Contact Todd Griffee today to set up a free consultation. Contact us at (816) 232-8001. 
Chapter 13
Chapter 13 bankruptcy is a reorganization of consumer debts and allows a debtor to propose a plan to repay some or all of his debts over a period of time not to exceed 5 years. This type of bankruptcy might be filed to stop a foreclosure, stop a repossession or a lawsuit. Creditors are forced to accept payments on these debts and cannot take further legal action against the debtor once the bankruptcy is filed and the debtor's Plan is approved.  
How much will it cost to hire you? Our attorney's fees are very competitive in the St. Joseph area including all of NW Missouri & NE Kansas. 
How do I get started? Do not let fears of the process or embarrassment about your financial situation keep you from getting the relief you deserve. We are here to help you get a fresh start. Contact Todd Griffee today to set up a free consultation. Contact Us at (816) 232-8001. 
Estate Planning
It is important to have an orderly estate plan in place at the time of a person's death to allow for a smooth transfer of assets to loved ones.  Lack of planning may be costly in terms of legal fees and court costs and may prolong the estate proceedings for years in Probate court.  A properly drafted Will or Trust may provide for expedited proceedings and be less expensive in the long run, and allow for more control over the distribution of assets.  
To speak with Todd Griffee regarding your estate planning, call us at (816) 232-8001.
Wills & Trusts
What Is a Will?
A will is what is called a “testamentary” document. This means that it has no effect while you are alive, but if written correctly, it becomes a valid, binding legal document after you pass away. Many people believe that if you have a will, you will avoid Probate, but this is not true. Only the Probate Court can legally and finally interpret a will. Wills must be written in very specific ways or they will not be honored by the Probate Court. These specific requirements are detailed and vary for each State. Some people believe they can prepare a will without the assistance of a lawyer, or that, on their own, they can change the will they got from a lawyer. In general, this leads to a determination that the person passed away without a will, and it means the estate will not be probated the way the person thought it would. Note that a will is the place to name the guardian for your minor children. The court retains jurisdiction over the children until they reach 18.
What Is a Trust?
A trust is an alternative way of providing for your care while you are alive, and for the transfer of your assets after you are gone. A trust can be included in your will, but that means that some of the most important advantages will be lost. The better approach, generally, is to create a revocable living trust. This is a document that takes effect while you are alive. It plans for when you are sick and also for after you have passed away. It is “revocable”, which means you can continue to modify it as your life changes. Because a revocable living trust is a creation of contract law, it can be written any way you need it to be written in order to accomplish your goals. In other words, it can give you maximum flexibility, which can be helpful if you have a special situation such as a second family or a need to take care of special people. It also can take care of you while you are alive, as well as after you are gone.
One of the nicest things about a trust is that it can allow you to separate responsibilities so that, for example, the person who is good with children need not also be good with money. The job of guardian and the job of trustee can be separated. Additionally, we can use a trust to take care of all the kids until the youngest is an adult, and then we can use the trust to make sure their inheritance is protected. Of course, another great aspect of a trust is that it avoids the expense and complications of probate. If done right, it all unfolds in private and confidentially in the lawyer's office.
Probate can cost a lot of money and the more disorganized your estate is, the more it is likely to cost. The trust can help you organize everything so it is well planned out. As a result, even though it costs a little more now, ultimately you are saving money and helping the people who will be helping you.
To speak with Todd Griffee, for a will or trust, call us at (816) 232-8001.
Real Estate
We have extensive experience in real estate development and zoning and we draft real estate contracts, real estate deeds, deeds of trust, contract for deeds, easements and handle foreclosures and loan modifications and workouts.  
To speak with Todd Griffee about real estate law, call us at (816) 232-8001.
Landlord Tenant
We represent Landlords and Tenants regarding lease issues.  In Missouri, if there is a breach of a lease, the landlord must file an action for possession of the leased premises and for any rent that is owed by the tenant. After the landlord obtains a judgment he may ask for a writ of eviction to be issued directing the Sheriff to assist in the removal of the tenant's property. In general, there is no self help remedy and tenants may not be locked out of their dwelling without legal proceedings.  
To speak with Todd Griffee about any landlord or tenant issues, call us at (816) 232-8001.
Personal Injury
When you are involved in an accident and are injured you should receive fair treatment and full compensation for your injuries, including loss of wages, medical bills, pain and suffering and future expenses.  When you sign a contingent fee agreement the attorney fee is paid from the settlement proceeds and is a percentage of the settlement.  You will pay no fee until settlement of the case. To speak with Todd Griffee about a personal injury legal issue call us at (816) 232-8001.
Criminal Law
We handle misdemeanor and felony charges including DWIs, non-support, assault, possession of a controlled substance, and traffic citations in both city and state courts.
To speak with Todd Griffee, criminal law attorney, call us at (816) 232-8001.
Guardianship involves filing a petition with the probate court asking for an Order of the Court to take control of the affairs of a person including their personal care and placement. This can be combined with a Petition for Conservatorship which is a request for an Order of the Court to take control of the financial affairs of a person. These are difficult family decisions and these proceedings may be consented to or contested. They may involve a person of any age that lacks the capacity to manage their own affairs, because of age, illness or injury. We have been involved in representing many clients over the years in these types of proceedings.
​To speak with Todd Griffee, attorney, call us at (816) 232-8001.

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